Match Rating Results vs Tampa Bay

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Jon Busch was rated the fan’s Man Of The Match versus Tampa Bay. One could make a decent argument for another defender or two, but Busch was clutch the few times the Rowdies challenged him. Twenty people participated in the ratings and almost all rated his performance highly.

Justin Braun had the lowest-rated performance. Looking at the game stats from Opta, that may be a bit harsh, but he did run around like a headless chicken for half-an-hour or so.

Coach Hankinson and Referee Geoff Gamble received good marks from the Indy faithful for their work on Saturday night.

Combined, the team received a rating of 5.98 for their performance, buoyed by their staunch defense.

Finally, fourth was the most popular answer to the bonus question, “What position do you expect Indy to finish in the Spring Season?”, with an average rating of 4.25.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.39.19 PM

Rating: Average rating of votes received.
Mode: Most frequently received rating.
Standard Deviation: Indicates the variance of ratings received; A larger number indicates less agreement on a rating and a smaller number indicates more agreement.

Game stat highlights:

  •  Jon Busch faced 3 shots, made 3 saves and also added 1 interception and 1 clearance.
  • Nemanja Vukovic had team highs of 66 touches on the ball as well as 4 interceptions.
  • Greg Janicki’s 9 clearances, 5 interceptions and 31 of 34 (91%) passes completed were all team highs.
  • Justin Braun led the team with 3 tackles and 8 duels won. He also had 3 successful dribbles (42%) and completed 22 passes (79%).
  • Duke Lacroix’s 7 successful passes (78%) were the fewest of any midfielder who played more than 17 minutes. He successfully dribbled 0 out of 3 attempts.
  • Eamon Zayed led the team in shots with 2. His late volley from the right side was the only shot on goal for Indy.

Please keep submitting your ratings. I’ll keep running this as long as you participate. Some of you should consider reading this again, or maybe for the first time. (One of you gave Lacroix a 10. Oh, my!) But this is all just for fun and totally anonymous. And, just like the Boys In Blue, we are going to get better as the season goes on..


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