Results: Match Ratings vs Fort Lauderdale Strikers

It was crystal clear as the final whistle Eleven Match Ratingsblew on Saturday evening in Fort Lauderdale Florida that goalkeeper Jon Busch was the man of the match. Busch made six saves on the evening in what was probably the best ever individual performance in an Indy Eleven jersey. (Blake Smith’s 3 goal and 2 assist scoreline in a 2014 Open Cup match stands out but the competition was inferior in that match.) The feat became even more impressive and significant after Busch revealed that he had dedicated the game to his recently-deceased father. Bravo. What a tribute from son to father.

A combination of missing Indy players and a confident Strikers team lying in wait resulted in Indy’s lowest team rating of the season (4.50). Sadly Sinisa Ubiparipovic posted the lowest individual rating for a player this season. Coach Hankinson and a few players posted their lowest ratings of the season. Jon Busch’s 9.75 (!) rating is quite easily the highest rating of the six matches played thus far.

Fourth was the most frequent response to the question, “Where do you expect Indy to finish in the NASL 2016 Spring Season standings?,” one higher than last week’s most frequent answer of three.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 1.31.57 AM


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