Results of Eleven Match Ratings vs Minnesota United FC

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 2.43.44 AM

  • With a 6.35 Minnesota received the highest team rating for an opponent all season. They’re the only team to score 2 goals against Indy this season.
  • Omar Gordon received the highest rating for a midfielder all season. Dylan Mares rates a 7.26 versus New York Cosmos on April 16.
  • Justin Braun received his highest rating of the season, eclipsing the same 7.26 rating as Mares in the same game against the Cosmos.
  • Coach Tim Hankinson received his second highest rating of the season. In that April match versus the Cosmos the coach rated an 8.35.
  • Expectations for Indy’s finish in the Spring Spring rose sharply after their defeat of the table toppers from Minnesota, rising from 3.60 the prior week to 1.76 (with first being the most frequent place suggested.)
    Eleven Match Ratings

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