Submit Your Eleven Match Ratings vs Jacksonville Armada

Eleven Match RatingsUnique to the sport of soccer, “match ratings” are a subjective measure of a team’s and player’s performance. The ratings, often provided by an individual journalist but in this case community sourced, provide a fun way to review and discuss each match and over time provide insight into fan perception of performance and results.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Eleven Math Ratings survey, the only requests are that you try to dismiss any bias’ and base your ratings solely on match performance and that you review the short primer before submitting your first (or maybe even second) ranking. As a community project, it is important that we have a shared understanding of the evaluation measures.

All you need to participate in the match ratings are one eye, a viewing of the match,
Internet access, a computer or mobile device and an understanding of our rating system.

159000325_indy-500-race-car-carousel-1-18-diecast-midget-sprint-Submit your match rating

Watch Indy vs Jax on demand at WatchESPN

Indy v Jax Match Center

The Monsieur’s Player Performance Index

Match Ratings Primer



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