Results of Match Ratings Versus Carolina Railhawks

It’s an Open Cup miracle, match rating results published before Saturday! Enjoy as you anxiously await tonight’s matchup versus Chicago Fire.

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  • With a rating of 9.72, hat-trick hero Eamon Zayed almost scored a perfect match. Zayed earned a “10” from 14 of 18 voters. The striker has a flair for the dramatic, doesn’t he?
  • Zayed’s 9.72 was just shy of goalkeeper Jon Busch’s 9.75 rating earned in the match against Fort Lauderdale. Both performances were truly great so there is no need to debate which is better. Let’s just appreciate them both for what they were, two of the best, if not the two best performances by any man who has ever worn Indy’s checkered jersey.
  • Forward Justin Braun, 8.61, and defender Nemanja Vukovic, 8.44, posted their best ratings of the season. Vukovic assisted on two goals, served a number of beautiful balls into the box and led many transitions from defense to offense. Braun notched a timely goal before halftime and posed a scoring threat all evening.
  • Coach Tim Hankinson and the Eleven as a team also posted their best ratings of the season. Hankinson’s 9.61 bests his previous high of 8.35 earned against New York. The Eleven rated a 9.56, surpassing the 8.29 they collectively earned against Minnesota.

I’m working on an end of season summary of the match rating results, fortunately I started a few weeks ago so it shouldn’t be too much more work. I’m excited about how it’s coming along. Look for it in the next week.


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Eleven Match Ratings Primer

Unique to the sport of soccer, “match ratings” are a subjective measure of a team’s and player’s performance. The ratings, often provided by an individual journalist but in this case community sourced, provide a fun way to review each match and over time provide insight into fan perception of performance and results.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Eleven Math Ratings survey, the only requests are that you try to dismiss any bias’ to base your ratings solely on match performance and that you review the short primer before submitting your first (or maybe even second) ranking. As a community project, it is important that we have a shared understanding of the evaluation measures.

All you need to participate in the match ratings are one eye, a viewing of the match,
Internet access, a computer or mobile device and an understanding of our rating system. I’ll publish the results of the survey before the next league match and provide occasional updates on the season’s overall ratings. Thanks for participating!

Results of Match Ratings Versus Miami FC

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  • Marco Franco wins the Man Of The Match with solid defensive play, some key stops in the last half hour and 90 minutes of hustle in the Florida humidity. His rating of 7.00 is his highest of the season
  • All voters gave Colin Falvey a 6.00 for his performance, the first time any player has received the same rating from all voters
  • Eamon Zayed’s rating of 4.80 was his lowest of the season
  • Coach Hankinson’s rating of 5.00 tied his lowest of the season, equal to the May 14 match versus Fort Lauderdale, also a 0-0 draw
  • Let’s hope the ratings for this week’s match versus Carolina are tens across the board!