Scan 2Brew Wallace is Brandon Cockrum. Brandon started the site to provide the Indy Eleven and NASL community with content he was interested in seeing.

The name Brew Wallace is a call back to two themes: ale and lagers, traditions older than soccer itself, and Lew Wallace, the man who built his legend as the the General of Indiana’s Eleventh Infantry and author of one of the most iconic fictional stories ever written by an American.

Brandon writes and Tweets about the Eleven, NASL, MLS, USMNT and soccer in general. He’s  previously written a few words at EleventhHeaven.com and also “manages” the /r/IndyEleven twitter account.

Brandon’s been in love with soccer for more than 30 years, involved romantically with the game as a player, spectator, coach, blogger, and once, before recognizing my sin, as a referee. He holds a USSF “F” Coaching license, which he believes validates any and all of his opinions on soccer as infallible.

Feel free to join him in section 114 at Carrol Stadium on Indy Eleven game days.

You can learn more about Brandon at brandoncockrum.com.


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