Eleven Match Ratings Versus Rayo OKC

Badge - 2008 electionHoosier voters headed to the polls this week and resoundingly selected two candidates who impressed them the most – Indy Eleven’s Nemanja Vukovic and forward Jair Reinoso. Both players found the back of the net this week, Reinoso with one of the prettiest strikes that a member of the Eleven has finished and Vukovic with the game winner in Oklahoma City.It was a grinder of a match for the Eleven, maybe not by plan but by necessity as defensive midfielder Brad Ring was forced from the match early with an ankle injury. The Boys In Blue managed to hold a potent Rayo OKC offense to just one goal, despite having advantages in possession and shots. Continue reading “Eleven Match Ratings Versus Rayo OKC”


Match Rating Results vs Ottawa Fury

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With a rating of 6.77, the Fan’s Man of the Match in the draw versus Ottawa was goal scorer Nemanja Vukovic. The versatile defender played most of the match at left back before shifting to the front line as Indy chased a goal late in the match. The shift worked as the big European was able to power home a rebound goal in the 89th minute.

Colin Falvey and Jair Reinoso were also recognized as having strong games by the 14 reviewers that participated this week. Falvey’s partner at CB, Greg Janicki followed up a good performance in Tampa Bay with another strong game. It will be interesting to see if Week 3 will have Reinoso break into the starting lineup. If he does, who will he replace?

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.28.44 PM.png


Coach Tim Hankinson received another good score this week, probably based largely on his substitutions and formation adjustments that were key to securing a draw. He may be living on borrowed time though as draws at home versus a team picked to finish at the bottom of the league won’t likely receive positive ratings for much longer.

This week I added a section to the ratings that asked fans to rate the overall performance of the Eleven. I was interested to see how this number compared to the average score that all players received. I was very surprised to see almost identical ratings of 5.85 (overall team rating) and 5.84 (average player rating). Only, .01 separated the two ratings. Wow! Everyone who participated can pat themselves on the back for their consistency.

The last column on the chart, Standard Deviation, is easy to overlook but there are some interesting things there. As outlined above, a low number in that column indicates that fans were more in agreement over a performance; a high number indicates more disagreement over the performance. What I noticed this week is that the player’s who typically invoke the most passion, positive or negative, as expressed by fans through social media, also had above average Standard Deviation scores. Janicki and Justin Braun had the highest scores here. Both of these players are frequent whipping boys in social media, deserved or not (Janicki had a subpar 2015 season and Braun has not started his tenure in Indy very impressively). Fan favorites Duke Lacroix and Brad Ring receive a lot of acclaim from via social media and also had above average Standard Deviation scores. (At 1.12 Lacroix was just over the average). This week it seems that passion combatted pragmatism in the ratings for a few players. It will be interesting to see if the trend maintains throughout the season – fan perception of a player’s ability biasing the rating of their performance.

Finally, the outlook for the team’s final position in the Spring Season is dropping, along with the team’s chances of taking the Spring Season title. After the Week 1 match, fans expected Indy to place 4th. After Week 2, fans expect Indy to finish 5th. Not a drastic move but expectations are dipping as points are dropped. There is still time to move up the table but it seems that for Indy to have any hope for a Spring Season title they need to victory over the Cosmos in Week 3. If New York wins on Saturday evening at The Mike it will make it nearly impossible for Indy to catch up to them in the short season. Yes, it’s only week 3 and we’re talking about must win games. Fortunately, the NASL is an odd duck and has two seasons, giving Indy plenty of time to find one of three other routes into the playoffs.

Look for another chance to submit your match ratings after Saturday’s game versus New York. I leave the survey up for at least 48 hours to ensure everyone who wants can participate. After a few more games we’ll start to look at ratings across games, in addition to the single game ratings. It should be fun, I hope you stick along for the ride!